We have added a Documentary division

AMSTERDAM – MAY 12th, 2016 – HALAL Amsterdam has expanded its portfolio by joining forces with OLIVIA SOPHIE VAN LEEUWEN and launching HALAL DOCS.


Olivia will be heading HALAL DOCS and effectively has joined Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis and Gijs Determeijer as the 4th partner.

Olivia will bring a pool of highly talented and both experienced as well as internationally renowned documentary filmmakers to the HALAL table. She will also develop documentaries with some of the great directors already present at HALAL. Together they form a bold mix of undeniably raw and energetic talent, with an incredible skillset and established craftsmanship. The documentary film directors HALAL DOCS is currently working with are Willemiek Kluijfhout, Johan Kramer, Sjoerd Oostrik, Tara Fallaux, Jona Honer, Sophie Dros, Thomas Vroege, Vincent Boy Kars, Mea Dols de Jong, Sergej Kreso, Elza Jo van Reenen, Anna van ‘t Hek, Thijs Schreuder-Rinnooy Kan and Wim van der Aar.

HALAL DOCS will produce appealing and invigorating documentaries that are accessible to a large audience, on an international level, in a visually exciting way. Always groundbreaking in style and narrative form, these films are substantively challenging, visually powerful, sparkling in form and created with a strong force and creativity. Whoever knows HALAL, will know that we never rest on our laurels and will always aspire to develop films with a great deal of attention, creativity and courage.

HALAL DOCS highlights HALAL’s commitment to growing and enhancing its internationally driven focus, by attracting and cultivating top talent to help create the greatest quality documentary films. Without spilling too many beans, we most certainly can ask you to ‘watch this space’ for the upcoming months… for HALAL DOCS has some very ambitious and exciting projects in the pipeline.

For more information, please visit halal.amsterdam and follow halal.amsterdam on Instagram.