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Bower Swimwear


Director Emma Westenberg and photographer Sophie van der Perre grab a few friends, some fabulous pieces of Bower swimwear and take to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. The result is a tale of friendship wrapped in the most beautiful layers of fun and chic!
So much so, that it was published in one of our favourite online destinations, C-Heads!

“I shot this film in September, during a trip to Tuscany with my dear friends Sophie van der Perre, Romy de Vries (Model) and Laura Rijnties (filmmaker). I figured it would be lovely to film the three of them just as they are: three blonde bombshells. It was a very relaxed and chill trip and I wanted to catch precisely this vibe. Hanging by the pool all day, reading, swimming and drinking wine.
I shot it with an old camera, a Fujica P2 Single8, that I found in my parents attic. It used to belong to my granddad and I youtubed some images to see what it could deliver and I thought it would fit our little holiday perfectly. I wasn’t sure if it would still work, though it sounded alright, and thus was happy to see the film when it was developed. I barely corrected the colors, this natural shades came straight from the film. The feeling I wanted the film to have is that of a perfect holiday, the happy and easy vibe that makes you wanna stretch out in the sun and dive in!” – Emma Westenberg.